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PD. Sumber Indo Metal (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

We provide all kinds of Plumbing materials needs such as:
Iron pipe for water, steam, gas for general use or high pressure such as hydrant, chiller and boiler
with ASTM A53 standard, ASTM 120 for Sch 20 40 80 and 120 stainless steel stainless steel, ss304 & ss316 capacity and local and china seamless pipe and fittings /
(Knee, elbow, tee, reducer, vlock ring, double nepel, etc)

Producing Flange of various types, from standard 10k, Blind / blind flange, slip on, welding neck of various class and even various size and thickness on request

all plumbing purposes including various types of Valve (Gate, Ball, Check, disco check, waffer check, Butterfly, Globe, Strainer, Steam Trap, air vent, Pressure reducing valve, Safety Valve, floating valve, tuzzen clap, foot valve , etc) and accessories such as pressure gauge, temperature gauge, flexible hose n flexible joint, hanger clamp, as drat to nuts and bolts with various sizes, pressure and material (brass, bronze, carbon steel, ductile iron, stainless steel ss 304 ss316, PVC, etc.)

In addition to the above plumbing requirements we also provide materials for construction and mild steel such as
iron canal H, WF, UNP, CNP, elbows, plates, strips, nako, borders, ship plates, as with various ST12 ST45 ST30 or stainless steel material as well as aluminum or bronze etc.

For various orders, of course we provide the best service by providing delivery service between Franco Jakarta.


Office : Komplek Ruko Pelangi F / 37, Taman Palem Lestari, Cengkareng, Jakarta Barat Branch : Harmoni Kota (Harkot)Lt.Dasar Blok D7 No.5 jl. Raya Merdeka No. 59, Tangerang Jakarta Barat
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia


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